My Neighbors Are BUYING CRAZY CARS now!!

11 feb 2021
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And Nick bought another car!

  • My grandma has 3 Dodge Vipers and there all rt10s

    GC_yaboi GCGC_yaboi GC12 timmar sedan
  • The Ford GT looks so good with wrap and the wheels!

    onni borgonni borgDag sedan
  • Hey James I’ve been a big fan for about a year but I stopped watching and just took a brake off SEworld I made a new account but hello keep up the good work.

    Brae NopeBrae NopeDag sedan
  • My dream car is the Lamborghini Aventador😍

    TJ KTJ KDag sedan
  • 9:14 that looked so synchronized 😳 Except for the fact that burlacher choked 😅

    JMnitroJMnitro2 dagar sedan
  • Talking about a girlfriend wheres yours?

    Kenny RedfernKenny Redfern2 dagar sedan
  • Is the aventador turbo swapped? Or not? why dies he wait like the turbo(s) is going to kick inn?

    Hicham BoaluanHicham Boaluan3 dagar sedan
  • Still with Tessa? I want to see on the channel again.

    Oliver Svarva OlsenOliver Svarva Olsen3 dagar sedan
  • you should make the gtr 1000hp that would be cool

    jackaboyroyalplayz 10jackaboyroyalplayz 104 dagar sedan
  • You should buy a Diesel truck

    Erin VanGrinsvenErin VanGrinsven4 dagar sedan
  • Do you think you would ever get a hurcan STO?

    BinkyBinky5 dagar sedan
  • James just revving in his neighbors garage lmaooo

    YukiYuki5 dagar sedan
  • Are there road laws in Utah

    Let's Hear ItLet's Hear It6 dagar sedan
  • How about a veteran day. Just ask me if I want to go cruise cars i will never get a chance to know who it feels!

    Troy ArchuletaTroy Archuleta6 dagar sedan
  • James, what is up with your back yard?

    Ryan HessRyan Hess6 dagar sedan
  • 9:17 rip burlacher

    VictoreteeVictoretee7 dagar sedan
  • Just a great video period

    Yurrr YurrrYurrr Yurrr7 dagar sedan
  • You lucky

    ScStance801ScStance8017 dagar sedan
  • Groove street, home

    Toster615Toster6158 dagar sedan
  • Buy a BMW i8

    Tye francoisTye francois8 dagar sedan
  • Y’all gonna have to pave the backyard with all those cars

    megamandjkmegamandjk8 dagar sedan
  • Very Amazing video bro Love from India 🇮🇳❤️

    Ravi RajRavi Raj8 dagar sedan
  • I like the buggati thats my dream car

    Ipad CraftIpad Craft8 dagar sedan
  • Your nabors are betrer then mine

    Kane Kroes1234Kane Kroes12348 dagar sedan
  • Are you still with Tessa?

    JamesPlayzRobloxJamesPlayzRoblox8 dagar sedan
  • What is going on in burlachers back yard?!?!. Burying bodies?

    Bryan RuschBryan Rusch9 dagar sedan
  • 9:15 burlacher hahahahah

    Saqib MirSaqib Mir10 dagar sedan
  • The Lamborghini is need a twin turbo

    Matrix PlayzMatrix Playz10 dagar sedan
  • Hey where's tessa?

    Emerald dude22Emerald dude2210 dagar sedan
  • they said cant beat em join em lol

    Jt's DestinyJt's Destiny11 dagar sedan
  • James: Bugatti on winter tracks Bugatti: *writing cease and desist order*

    Levi ClineLevi Cline11 dagar sedan
  • Did he really say the GERMANS beat us for a Supra? ITS JAPANESE

    El ChapoEl Chapo11 dagar sedan
  • James. My man what happened to your girlfriend that you had in the videos?

    Wess VaughnWess Vaughn11 dagar sedan
  • Why tf do you spend so much on damn cars smh

    Zach BZach B11 dagar sedan
  • come check out my VR gaming channel at CrazyVR

    CrazyVRCrazyVR11 dagar sedan
  • Honestly james buy another gt

    JKnight787 TheWolfPackJKnight787 TheWolfPack11 dagar sedan
  • Where’s the f430 at??

    Marley PyeMarley Pye11 dagar sedan

  • Gallardo??

    RegeraツRegeraツ11 dagar sedan
  • They literally own every body in the neighborhood parking their cars at the neighbors house lol 😂

    GamerRaz3r01GamerRaz3r0112 dagar sedan
  • Gt350

    PRO MODI JIPRO MODI JI12 dagar sedan
  • Got a tpms light there buddy

    EliEli12 dagar sedan
  • We can make toilet wine together lmfao 🤣 you can tell he is in tune haha 😆

    Justin DirJustin Dir12 dagar sedan
  • Take the gtr whan the widbody is on the gtr you can take it to the car shows like you did with the supra whan you had it

    Kevin O'KANEKevin O'KANE12 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think that guy knows what getting your wig split means

    Ben LongBen Long12 dagar sedan
  • How many noise can planes do you get???

    Traci BallardTraci Ballard12 dagar sedan
  • Looks like it’s a rich villa

    Siang Yee KoSiang Yee Ko12 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact! Stradman has own 20 cars over the past years till today!

    Mr. ProfessorMr. Professor12 dagar sedan
  • WHY DID YOU SELL THE FORD GT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ignacio ArnalIgnacio Arnal12 dagar sedan
  • Oh hi UPS 10:59

    AgentVAgentV12 dagar sedan
  • 9:15 lmao

    AgentVAgentV12 dagar sedan
  • I’m more impressed with the driveways on these homes.

    Jake DunnJake Dunn12 dagar sedan
  • ` At least we are gonna be in prison together ' Friend goals

    yasir plays roblox and other stuffyasir plays roblox and other stuff12 dagar sedan
  • Sell all of your purple flower cars baby

    I love DuramaxI love Duramax12 dagar sedan
  • I love how James said ,,Germans" for supr...BMW z4

    Aleksandar BućanAleksandar Bućan12 dagar sedan
  • Who’s 10th gen f150 is that parked in your side yard

    Jeep KidJeep Kid12 dagar sedan
  • Supra-car hehe :) You know you have an awesome neighborhood when all the people are upping their game and upgrading their cars. Lets all win together!

    Scott KelleyScott Kelley13 dagar sedan
  • buy a Lamborghini Huracan perfomante

    GijsGijs13 dagar sedan
  • No one: James: *films neighbors eating*

    Simon PritchardSimon Pritchard13 dagar sedan
  • his laugh 🤣

    Ethan SEthan S13 dagar sedan
  • 12:03 me after Taco Bell 🌮🔔

    Traffic Cone on a SkateboardTraffic Cone on a Skateboard13 dagar sedan
  • Burlacher said: 🌮😋...😵

    Traffic Cone on a SkateboardTraffic Cone on a Skateboard13 dagar sedan
  • please make a video on your full car tour. :)

    Fatima MazharFatima Mazhar13 dagar sedan
  • Subscribed your channel only because you are really positive person

    Vicky GillVicky Gill13 dagar sedan
  • I have avanterdor tune with 2000hp 3000nm

    josh gamingjosh gaming13 dagar sedan
  • James neighborhood looks like grove street😂

    shubham sarojshubham saroj13 dagar sedan
    • Without CJ 😂

      KnightmareKnightmare11 dagar sedan
  • Im actually pretty sad that james sold his Ferarri GTO cuz i love that car like so much..

    enriky atlansyahenriky atlansyah13 dagar sedan
  • Why did you didn’t get a lotus

    Awsomeanthony87 GamerAwsomeanthony87 Gamer13 dagar sedan
  • 1:35 nope it’s a BMW Z4😪

    Gamer_ Bad_BoyGamer_ Bad_Boy13 dagar sedan
  • We need a GT3 on the channel

    Matthew HuntMatthew Hunt13 dagar sedan
  • U should really buy a Supra 2jz turbo and make it a gtr killer

    XxblueDrakexX 123456XxblueDrakexX 12345613 dagar sedan
  • for you young ones out there Wig Split = Head Busted in = Beat up

    Brandon StoneBrandon Stone13 dagar sedan
  • Can you please please get a vintage classic

    Jack HolganJack Holgan14 dagar sedan
  • All those supercars and still doesn't own a house.

    Mad69RussianMad69Russian14 dagar sedan
  • Love how i bought an exact car like this in a game costumized it the same orange and black with white wheels and name it the stradmobile

    Eagan The descendantEagan The descendant14 dagar sedan
  • Why does Burlachers back yard look like a minefield?

    Wee GeeWee Gee14 dagar sedan
  • Speaking of gf what happens to tessa

    Rockya245Rockya24514 dagar sedan
  • Bring back the thidiots

    Konlaz1Konlaz114 dagar sedan
  • They just went to one of the best restaurants in salt lake in this video

    Konlaz1Konlaz114 dagar sedan
  • u r noob

    Josh DumbriqueJosh Dumbrique14 dagar sedan
  • All was good until we saw burlacher's backyard

    Omar Al MaskariOmar Al Maskari14 dagar sedan
  • Why do I feel like James is a bad actor cause ffs his reactions are sooo weak

    Treasure HadebeTreasure Hadebe14 dagar sedan
  • I think you should mansory the 12c

    london supercarslondon supercars14 dagar sedan
  • 9:16 lol rip Burlacher

    Mikkel_Moeller05Mikkel_Moeller0514 dagar sedan
  • Love how the back yard is still ruined lol

    kailey waggonerkailey waggoner14 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t let lords mobile sponsor you again that game is full of trolls 😪😭. It made me unhappy and grumpy playing it, that’s something games aren’t supposed to do.

    Shadowspeed XShadowspeed X14 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know what happened to Tessa

    Charles LCharles L14 dagar sedan
  • Love the space shuttle wrap! 👌🏽

    Ronnie BRonnie B14 dagar sedan
  • 8:32 “At least we’re gonna be in prison together” 😂😂 Those are friendship goals!

    Gran Turismo LatinoGran Turismo Latino14 dagar sedan
  • I want that old mustang in your garage

    Keath BennetchKeath Bennetch14 dagar sedan
  • Jonny gets a super car Stradman where are we going for lunch

    My name JeffMy name Jeff14 dagar sedan
  • It’s look like toys during. Drone shot

    DS __O PDS __O P14 dagar sedan
  • Dude.....driving with one hand, shifting with one hand, recording with the other. I’m all up for you vlogs but one day, there’s an accident waiting to happen. And I live here in UT with you..

    Jovany GasparJovany Gaspar14 dagar sedan
  • Were is the avntodor* roadster

    Faris AvdicFaris Avdic14 dagar sedan
  • Johnny’s gotta be a dentist

    Teigan LozarTeigan Lozar14 dagar sedan
  • It Said 3 Cars On The Thumbnail But The Neighbors Only Bought 2 Cars Like If You Agree

    The ViperThe Viper14 dagar sedan
  • The think the term “super car” is being thrown around a little loosely here.....

    Nonya BuznassNonya Buznass14 dagar sedan
  • Buy a Camaro

    Alejandro CarbajalAlejandro Carbajal14 dagar sedan
  • Yoooooo lets go utah

    LAMBROLAMBRO14 dagar sedan
  • How is there so many nice cars in the middle of utah?

    CharmsCharms14 dagar sedan