Mexico City's Secret Hypercar Collection ft. the $3,300,000 Lamborghini Sian

3 jan 2021
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  • James : why is the cop following me Cop : wow is that the future car!!?

    Calvin HutabaratCalvin HutabaratDag sedan
  • Lamborghini

    Learning with RayuLearning with Rayu2 dagar sedan
  • Lambo

    Chinmay MoreChinmay More4 dagar sedan
  • I would rather a Lamborghini sian btw the La Ferrari alerts isn’t 7 million

    Gabe CollinsGabe Collins4 dagar sedan
  • Lamborghini and the Ferri so

    Jonathan GamingJonathan Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • I was just in for last week

    Jonathan GamingJonathan Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • Oh my God, this guy has the most annoying voice and demeanor on SEworld. I'm guessing Wal-Mart is selling Lamborghinis in the automotive department now?

    Aaron CumberlandAaron Cumberland7 dagar sedan
  • Pretty sure the cop was hired by the owner of the Sian for active supervision on that car because James asked to go drive it. Nothing else it could be unless the cop really liked the car and didn't want to socialize.

    FireNinja743FireNinja74310 dagar sedan
  • If a cop followed me bc of the car i drove, i would be extremely annoyed. I know because its happened to me on my crotchrocket.

    Eric ZigmontEric Zigmont16 dagar sedan
  • Don huayra

    Oscar Alejandro Torres AguilarOscar Alejandro Torres Aguilar19 dagar sedan
  • Did the stradman curse?

    AidenPlayzAidenPlayz20 dagar sedan
  • I’ll take the Porsche

    Dave HDave H20 dagar sedan
  • Lambo 😎😎😎

    Peets PerformancePeets Performance20 dagar sedan
  • Don huayra looks young 😁 and he got all this money and cars this man is a BOSS

    Myni MoreMyni More21 dag sedan
  • the funny thing is that that Lamborghini is now in Mexico

    EmilioEmilio24 dagar sedan
  • the sian kinda looks like a C8 corvette mixed with a lamborghini centenario.

    Devon BehrendsDevon Behrends24 dagar sedan
  • billionaire bunker island!!!

    kevin dkevin d25 dagar sedan
  • The cops just want to see how fast the sian will go

    Yabai DesuYabai Desu26 dagar sedan
  • Not really a secret anymore

  • Sian always

    paranoidandroid1997paranoidandroid199726 dagar sedan
  • i would have the sian

  • Don huayra

    Diego IslasDiego Islas27 dagar sedan
  • He said the f word

    faze jackson pro fortnite playerfaze jackson pro fortnite player28 dagar sedan
  • 5 words... Race. It. In. The. Bug.

    86 Kat86 Kat28 dagar sedan
  • That Ferrari sounds so good! Have to go Ferrari, Porsche, Mclaren then Lamborghini. All are beautiful though.

    Cooney. BCooney. B29 dagar sedan
  • Supercar Blondie was probably the first idk

    758 Smartt Plays758 Smartt PlaysMånad sedan
  • James come to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and let’s explore your options for your next mind blowing content ! My neighbor comes home in his chopper 🚁 to give you an example of my area. Uvita de Osa Puntarenas, 🇨🇷 Costa Rica Pura Vida & Talk Soon Tyrone Crawford

    Tyrone CrawfordTyrone CrawfordMånad sedan
  • Don Huayra ING: DON HUAYRA

    Héctor FyresHéctor FyresMånad sedan
  • claim your before 1 mil views here.

    GurjasplayzGurjasplayzMånad sedan
  • Is the lambo road legal??

    Mohammed ZaidMohammed ZaidMånad sedan
  • 3:50 dude charge your phone

    ricardo matos fernandezricardo matos fernandezMånad sedan
  • what about covid?

    J CarsJ CarsMånad sedan
  • This is a first!!!! This is the first time I’ve ever seen this car driven! SALUTE!

    Thuro BrownThuro BrownMånad sedan
  • 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    Exotics in the 239Exotics in the 239Månad sedan
  • Perfect sound

    VATIGZ _VATIGZ _Månad sedan
  • You know James is hyped up when he throws an F-Bomb in not even 15 seconds in

    Gabriel MergenthalerGabriel MergenthalerMånad sedan

    Jonathan MoraJonathan MoraMånad sedan
  • Maybe it was Robo Cop. Hey, what about puttin tracks on that Lambo. That will impress the Sparks boys!

    Paul AdamsPaul AdamsMånad sedan
  • I feel as though that cop following stradman could have been considered as harrassment especially after he just parked and the cop just stayed there like 🤔🤨

    JS10JS10Månad sedan
  • when he says seize the moment to headphone users when something is going to be loud so I turn my headphones up

    THICCjeepTHICCjeepMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: the laFerrari Aperta is originally rosso corsa but the owner decided to make it yellow

    Iker GimenoIker GimenoMånad sedan
  • This guy looks like Murray from impractical jokers

    Kill TimeKill TimeMånad sedan
  • E

    James ConeJames ConeMånad sedan
  • Me quedo con el murcielago

    Alex Db11Alex Db11Månad sedan
  • Don 🙌🙌

    erick duarteerick duarteMånad sedan
  • James the audio on the new camera is key🔥

    Patrick TaylorPatrick TaylorMånad sedan
  • Everyone that he visits probably hates him.

    Elias AguayoElias AguayoMånad sedan
    • @ATR- 04 cause I'm God almighty

      Elias AguayoElias Aguayo25 dagar sedan
    • @Elias Aguayo how do you know?

      ATR- 04ATR- 0426 dagar sedan
    • @ATR- 04 its stradman his parents think he's a disappointment

      Elias AguayoElias Aguayo26 dagar sedan
    • @Elias Aguayo if they did they would have said something

      ATR- 04ATR- 0426 dagar sedan
    • @ATR- 04I bet they think he is extremely annoying

      Elias AguayoElias Aguayo26 dagar sedan
  • that lamborghini is from don huayra

  • ese lamborghini es de don huayra

  • the cops and willys are together watching the cartel member you driving around

    User AnonymousUser AnonymousMånad sedan
  • worlds first 500k$ my 2001 audi same key lol

    User AnonymousUser AnonymousMånad sedan
  • 3:44 me with my 2011 Lexus CT200H “heh, I have a hybrid too. My car should be in that line-up”

    NickTheGamingDudeNickTheGamingDudeMånad sedan
  • Indian Creek Island, The cops are private to an island of 80 people.

    SeaJDSeaJDMånad sedan
  • what an ass hat that cop was...sipping the haterade hard

    HulkHulkMånad sedan
  • The cars sure are nice but why is nobody talking about how beautiful that guy's hands are

    maytemayteMånad sedan
  • He a Tyrant

    cellphonenutcellphonenutMånad sedan
  • Stupid!!! Why you stay on that road & not jump on the highway or just get out of that community is absolutely ridiculous!! Idiot!

  • sian better in my opinion

    Jakub OrzołJakub OrzołMånad sedan
  • Are you aloud to film and drive in the us?

    Jake allenJake allenMånad sedan
  • *Congratulations on 3 Mio. Subscribers, you deserve it!!!*

    Vibishan ThevendranVibishan ThevendranMånad sedan
  • Shoulda done 2160p or sth 😄

    Perfect PotentialPerfect PotentialMånad sedan
  • Pretty easy to figure out the "secret" location but I'm not going to say anything. Amazing cars though!

    Nick HuddyNick HuddyMånad sedan
  • That Sian spec is even better than the factory spec 00 of 63 car!

    whatshaddninwhatshaddninMånad sedan
  • Show us the hyper secret private garage collection of Don Huayra !

    Danny ShakerDanny ShakerMånad sedan
  • Ig @don_huayra

  • 0:13 did he say swear

    Tyson SuttonTyson SuttonMånad sedan
  • lol if u don’t understand cops by now u gotta be lost...that’s what they do...u were a suspect to a crime...driving a lambo while driving a lambo

    Sniper GangSniper GangMånad sedan
  • Ese lamborghini sian y el koenigsegg regera ya esta en Mexico en el garage privado de don huayra en la capital de la ciudad de Mexico saludos desde Mexico

    Killer kingsKiller kingsMånad sedan
  • why is a porsche in front of a bugatti mark tf???

    Berfs1Berfs1Månad sedan

    Granite guy UsaGranite guy UsaMånad sedan
  • lambo sian any day

    motov80motov80Månad sedan
  • That cartel money is no joke endless exotics

    Carlos HernandezCarlos HernandezMånad sedan
  • I'm just waiting for the stradman's laugh to turn into one of those rich man laughs

    Scott WachterScott WachterMånad sedan
    • if it sounds anything like Manny's then I think we'll be good haha

      Alberto GarciaAlberto Garcia16 dagar sedan
  • Love that 2011 Ford Mustang GT at 11:28 in the video that pulled in front of the Lamborghini Huracan

    Kingcobrabob 302Kingcobrabob 302Månad sedan
  • Worst car Chanel You and the Dumb “Super” Blondie should have children

    Tuco 1971Tuco 1971Månad sedan
  • Estamos a nada de los autos voladores mi gente :p

    Eduardo BBEduardo BBMånad sedan
  • "where fuckin are we" 😭😂

    TenderTittyTenderTittyMånad sedan
  • Love ur vids James

    Limbo HimboLimbo HimboMånad sedan
  • Matte cotton fiber?! Nani?!

    Kirbo but ShiningStarTrailKirbo but ShiningStarTrailMånad sedan
  • Ooohhhh Sian....

    Mama KipaMama KipaMånad sedan
  • 2:42 666-LAF....

    Neil LeeNeil LeeMånad sedan
  • Don = Carlos Peralta son, the Mexican billionaire, that's 31 Indian Creek, we call it 'billionaire's bunker' down here. That place is a fortress. Not surprised by the cop's actions other billionaires don't like it when you disrupt their tea time with revs.

    Andre SouthAndre SouthMånad sedan
  • DH representando México 😎

    La Oficina Del Lic.La Oficina Del Lic.Månad sedan
  • idk who owns all these cars but they definitely beat story mode already

    exmv45exmv45Månad sedan
  • Where the hell does he get his money

    Roberto RodriguezRoberto RodriguezMånad sedan

    Ty FilmsTy FilmsMånad sedan
  • The Title: Mexico city's... $3,300,000 Lamborghini Sian *Me: Mexico? $3,300,000? Lamborghini Sian? Free Real-estate? Free $3,300,000?*

    Jazzie 223Jazzie 223Månad sedan
  • 👍

    Travis HartleyTravis HartleyMånad sedan
  • Your video is on google news

    Slicc_KazifySlicc_KazifyMånad sedan
  • sian

    Mathéo FournierMathéo FournierMånad sedan
  • Let me say I've seen this video I looked at it I like the cars I love the cars it's amazing that you get a chance to drive someone else's vehicles people that you know are someone that watches your show on SEworld I've looked at it and familiar with your show I love nice cars that I never probably have the money to buy.... But I saw when you was driving the gentleman's vehicle whoever vehicle it is that's a millionaire he let you drive his Lamborghini through his neighborhood in the police was following you yeah that is harassment yes it is but also you have to be truthful this is America he pulled up on the side of you now on the driver's side you thought he was going to get out he didn't get out because he saw that she had cameras you had cameras inside your vehicle he wasn't going to get out and remember you white you are not black and would have been very different you want something to be very interesting listen black people dry their car through the neighborhood Friends of the gentleman who owned that Lamborghini and you were driving let them drive it just drive normal not going fast and see what would happen when the police get behind them and look and see that's two black people in that car it would be very very different the outcome would have been very different I saw it they were going to do anything to you unless you go fast had it been a black person a black man driving it and it would be very different very very different they would have to call the owner the vehicle to come pick him up... so that's okay by you driving 20 mi an hour that's good it's still a car calls and be made to be driven on the road and normal speeds is what you can go higher speeds Lamborghinis are still road cars but okay good day

    Demetrious JacksonDemetrious JacksonMånad sedan
  • Sian какоето извращение над ламборджини

    Milky WayMilky WayMånad sedan
  • Mexico City/// Cops /// Monney SIGH The memories.. , , , , ,Yea not so great. Strad oblivious Mexico City? Cops? Strad just laughing.. ignorance is bliss. Good 4 U Dog

    RIDEOHDIE- 63RIDEOHDIE- 63Månad sedan
  • So this is Carlos Peralta del Rio miami´s mansion better known as @Don_Huayra

    Isma LinkinIsma LinkinMånad sedan
  • The only one missing is the P1, then 4 hyper will be complete

    Lowell Joseph VisayaLowell Joseph VisayaMånad sedan
  • Crazy, 1 cost more than an entire human lifetime and this blurred out human has 3... to loan out. The cop, he's probably following you because of the felony speeding the owner was probably doing before they handed you the keys, or he's your host's personal police. They could have just been there to make sure you didn't try anything, it is worth millions. Exhibition of speed is also illegal in many places. So you can get pulled over for just accelerating quickly. I know, crazy world.

    William BarnesWilliam BarnesMånad sedan
  • Look at that smile bro, they couldn't have invited a better person out to see their baby.

    William BarnesWilliam BarnesMånad sedan
  • You should get a Lamborghini Huracan Evo spider and a Lamborghini Sion

    Matt DupontMatt DupontMånad sedan
  • The Lambo all day long

    ApexcarzApexcarzMånad sedan
  • Purple chrome veyron

    J NOJ NOMånad sedan