The Hard Financial Reality of my Bugatti & Supercar Collection

24 nov 2020
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  • If you’re considering buying a Bugatti veyron........ haha

    Josh LarsonJosh Larson18 timmar sedan
  • The red pinstripe on the roof of the white Aventador makes the car pop. W/O the pinstripe, blah. Good choice!

    Bill RanieriBill Ranieri3 dagar sedan
  • How do you make money? Omg

    Rene HernandezRene Hernandez8 dagar sedan
  • James if I were ever in Utah I'd wanna meet you and go for a ride hopefully in one of your awesome rides! You are such an inspiration for guys like me that hope to have such possessions some day, im really proud to see all the progress you've made over the years! Sorry for getting all mushy on ya

    John SmithJohn Smith9 dagar sedan
  • i didnt understand a single word u just sad

    OneEyedShottyOneEyedShotty9 dagar sedan
  • 2:16

    Croatian DictatorCroatian Dictator10 dagar sedan
  • stradman dum dum its monday novamber 23

    Mr O'BrienMr O'Brien13 dagar sedan
  • I dont think that is the cheapest bugatti in world because I found a bugatti for 685,000 dollars in india

    Sairaja AnuchandraSairaja Anuchandra25 dagar sedan
  • Is he renting his bugatti?

    top shottatop shotta27 dagar sedan
    • @No wym??? Kindly explain

      top shottatop shotta23 dagar sedan
    • Financing.

      NoNo23 dagar sedan
  • It looks like plastic garbage. No offence...

    Happy TriggerHappy TriggerMånad sedan
  • Would buy a Ferrari California 30 and call it a day -- just saying...

    Caius KeysCaius KeysMånad sedan
  • Since you’re using the cars for “content” you should consider leasing

    mcjazzmcjazzMånad sedan
  • This guy is giving bad advise Don't get a car loan. If you can't pay cash for the car, don't buy it! The bible God's Word says clearly " Proverbs 22:7 “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.” There is nothing you will enjoy enough to owe money on it. The excitement wears off fast and your monthly payment comes even when you are broke or lose your job.

  • Hello I'm new to forex and I have been making huge Loses, recently I see a lot of people earning from it can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

    Charlotte DaveCharlotte DaveMånad sedan

      alex balex b13 dagar sedan
    • Lmfao look at this train of bots, mrs harper ain't fooling nobody.

      The Meme NinjaThe Meme Ninja22 dagar sedan
    • I hope nobody falls for this scam

      RuslanRuslan24 dagar sedan
    • You need to make your way over to r/wallstreetbets.

      Brian SmithBrian SmithMånad sedan
    • Expert Mrs Harper anderson is obviously the best and trustworthy you can invest without fear of loosing.

      Julia lucianoJulia lucianoMånad sedan
  • I honestly understand this mans life is showing his cars but everytime he does he seems like a douche showing off

    BL00DY MARBL00DY MARMånad sedan
    • Not at all

      NoNo23 dagar sedan

    MalidopeMalidopeMånad sedan
  • It looks so much better with black wheels!

    Ron KirklandRon KirklandMånad sedan
  • Imagine Cyru's dobres machlerine 720s vs stradman's buggati Veyron 🏎️🏎️ 😍😍

    Sarvesh TelangSarvesh TelangMånad sedan
  • Black

    Mike DonnayMike DonnayMånad sedan
  • seriously this dude has racing car with white rims. Thats insanely ugly.

    Boon HaoBoon HaoMånad sedan
  • November 23rd is my birthday

    Mitchell GriffinMitchell GriffinMånad sedan
  • Can you please get a new car

    Ameer HussainAmeer HussainMånad sedan
  • if theres a second dary color for the veyron plsssss make it white and the color keep it purple

    Maynard ObligacionMaynard ObligacionMånad sedan
  • 🙋💫👍

    Jea FraJea Fra2 månader sedan
  • Can you please let your dog face time a friend 🥰 it makes your channel go sky rocket 🚀

    Frank McKellenFrank McKellen2 månader sedan
  • I love these kind of videos! Thank you! I’m very numerically analytical like you and these type of videos hype me up the most.

    Miguel MeuniotMiguel Meuniot2 månader sedan
  • It’s the ugliest Bugatti I have ever seen.

    J IJ I2 månader sedan
  • 60K BRO

    ApoMandirigma CabiedesApoMandirigma Cabiedes2 månader sedan
  • Marry me omg

    Nadir AslamNadir Aslam2 månader sedan
  • Why dont u sell the rest off ur cars and keep only the bugatti

    Calcium AngCalcium Ang2 månader sedan
  • 2:14 .......

    IamChabo_069_IamChabo_069_2 månader sedan
  • I am really surprise your mouth is not tired for talking so much

    Sunny 1975Sunny 19752 månader sedan
  • This is all well and fine, as long as The Stradman keeps getting views.

    Nick ZNick Z2 månader sedan
  • I'm kinda sad this period..and ur video are making me smile

    stefano maistostefano maisto2 månader sedan
    • Thanks 😉

      stefano maistostefano maisto2 månader sedan
  • Yep. Knuckle between caliper. Will bite every time!

    gcm747gcm7472 månader sedan
  • Im an apprentice at an auto service shop and that's basically how it goes in the beginning 😂😂 btw, finger between caliper and wheel is sore as hell

    PDGPDG2 månader sedan
  • Interesting ...................................... 👍👍👍👍

  • Also we got the same rate on used cars expect mine was a 2014 civic si lol

    Anthony LoosAnthony Loos2 månader sedan
  • Invest in xrp

    Anthony LoosAnthony Loos2 månader sedan
  • Stradman I am in the minority. I loved the White Rims on the White Lambo. Storm Trooper look is awesome! Just FYI! you should retorque your rims after you take the car out for a hard run right after changing them. You made out on the finance on the Bugatti. A guy in Miami was looking at lease on a Chiron Pur Sport $3.5 Million the payment was going to be $65K per mo with $360,000 down.

    Greg NossGreg Noss2 månader sedan
  • Stradman might be able to apply a small amount of anti-seize to the inside of the wheel face where it mounts to the hub, just a thought

    Jonathan WhelanJonathan Whelan2 månader sedan
  • That white on white totally works!

    Buisang NdloziBuisang Ndlozi2 månader sedan
  • You’re so hype

    JeffJeff2 månader sedan
  • I love that computer chair in your office!!

    Michael LasnoskiMichael Lasnoski2 månader sedan
  • who else came from graham stephan?

    GabakUSA Free computer trainingGabakUSA Free computer training2 månader sedan
  • Dang how did you get so rich 😂

    PhixiqPhixiq2 månader sedan
  • First I want to say congrats to stradman. Second I know I’m going to be crucified in the comments by the stradmaners but is it just me but I really don’t think this Bugatti is that good looking of a car. It seems kind of ugly to me with that color combo

    Starting TechStarting Tech2 månader sedan
  • this guy talks like / has the personality of a puppy

    pearce gossettpearce gossett2 månader sedan
  • Did he run a red light @10:09 in the white Aventador?

    no probno prob2 månader sedan
  • Looks like this video made your Bugatti payment for this month. Now what to do about next month? Reminds me of when I was in my mid twenties. Pantera, Corvette and daily driver. Kawasaki Z-1r kept in the living room of my one bedroom home. House payment was $52.05. Crazy car payment and insurance. Wish SEworld was around then to help pay for it all.

    moremoney2moremoney22 månader sedan
  • Well at least your not spending much money on furniture.

    John SchauderJohn Schauder2 månader sedan
  • Man, fucking chill out

    ak2112ak21122 månader sedan
  • Lay off the drugs. It is drugs that's made you that way yeh?

    tassie302gttassie302gt2 månader sedan
  • Black wheels look lit

    ProfessionalSamurai ForHireProfessionalSamurai ForHire2 månader sedan
  • The wheel color swap looks great!

    Kent BroulimsKent Broulims2 månader sedan
  • That satin white on gloss white is dopeeeee man. Making white pop on white 🔥

    Im JuicedIm Juiced2 månader sedan
  • The veyron about to be like 10 mil in 15 years

    Spicy WingsSpicy Wings2 månader sedan
  • Wtf is his insurance like

    SxV ZephyrSxV Zephyr2 månader sedan
  • that's awesome for you to be so open about the finances aspect, to give us a taste of the reality of buying a Bugatti. Great video

    Nahum GarciaNahum Garcia2 månader sedan
  • Yes bc i have 1.2 mil laying around

    L1amL1am2 månader sedan
  • Man those white wheels are fucking horrendous tbh. Great thing you went to those black ones

    Fernando GalueFernando Galue2 månader sedan
  • Goodness gracious, I'm lucky to scrape up $20 for McDonalds I couldn't imagine paying 580k down and financing 300k o.o

    Mike ElliottMike Elliott2 månader sedan
  • How is he so wealthy ?

    Matas MorkūnasMatas Morkūnas2 månader sedan
  • Good god that Bugatti is ugly. Money can’t buy taste....

    WondermitedelightWondermitedelight2 månader sedan
  • Where all ur money come from ? Cause u dress like a tard tennager so I'm just wondering. Maybe daddy ?

    Arnaud MickArnaud Mick2 månader sedan
  • Stradman where's the galardo

    Mark angelo CalimagMark angelo Calimag2 månader sedan
  • Use your foot, and kick the wheels if their stuck :P From outside, no need to lay under the car

    TheGamblerTheGambler2 månader sedan
  • Good tip for buying a used car (higher miles) ask if the miles are town or highway highway miles are better because your traveling miles faster than in town and in town half of the time your idling more than on a highway and if they say highway ask if you were in trafic alot. Just to help yall out and I got this tip from a great mechanic

    OneOceanThree Respond Code 3OneOceanThree Respond Code 32 månader sedan
  • Love this guy enjoying life

    Shawn Studio OneShawn Studio One2 månader sedan
  • No one ever mentions when you buy a Lamborghini, it comes with a free head inflator.

    DearingermeisterDearingermeister2 månader sedan
  • Thats one strong floofy m a r s h m e l l o w dog.

    Aaron BalchandAaron Balchand2 månader sedan
  • How many miles does he have on his Bugatti?

    David SalamaDavid Salama2 månader sedan
  • Sometimes it's entertaining, and sometimes you're tapping a tyre with your bare hands hoping for a mallet-like impact.

    Steve RandSteve Rand2 månader sedan
  • When the tire is stuck like that and your not gifted with arm strength sit on the ground and kick with both legs the bottom half of the wheel. Works like a charm

    Emperor ZurgEmperor Zurg2 månader sedan
  • This is the way the wheels should have been & should stay/remain...

    Ernest JohnsonErnest Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Well maybe getting at least as many months as you can in front of payment will help so you never make the mistake of forgetting

    PeterPeter2 månader sedan
  • White in white though is clean

    Manuel PerezManuel Perez2 månader sedan
  • Black wheels over white

    Manuel PerezManuel Perez2 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Travis HartleyTravis Hartley2 månader sedan
  • You forgot to say that u will write it off in your taxes lmaoo

    Dylan TDylan T2 månader sedan
  • Could've lowered the car on the lift so wheels can touch ground very slightly so you can put some pressure to release the wheel from hub instead of bruising your hands haha

    Greg GevojanyanGreg Gevojanyan2 månader sedan
  • He probably finances his dog.

    Connor KlasiConnor Klasi2 månader sedan
  • I, me, my All I can hear lmao, so self absorbed - saying that, I have to admit, his collection is pretty sick

    Subhan DinSubhan Din2 månader sedan
  • James try to attempt installing more things on your cars no matter how bad you may think you are at doing it cause you make everything hilarious to watch!

    Walter FJKWalter FJK2 månader sedan
  • The black wheels on the orange car. Totally awesome. The white on white, not as complementary. Just my $.02. Of course the alternate would be buy more wheels, and suddenly the white ones look great.

    wigleebuttwigleebutt2 månader sedan
  • let this be an example to y'all, FORM AN LLC AND BUILD YOUR BUSINESS CREDIT SCORE

    Darren JohnsonDarren Johnson2 månader sedan
  • no nonsense! no garbage! proceeds to play with dog

    Pot CommittedPot Committed2 månader sedan
  • James, how did you get the custom color and embroidery on the chair? I want to color match the original leather in my car and there are no options when I look at ordering a race seat

    ndinadisndinadis2 månader sedan
  • yes

    Nan's School of DanceNan's School of Dance2 månader sedan
  • I am, indeed, considering to make a purchase on a Bugatti Veyron.

    ヤヌス・クレーマーヤヌス・クレーマー2 månader sedan
  • white wheels look better on orange aventador maybe its different in person

    IterumIterum2 månader sedan
  • Seems like a nice kid and he’s got the golden touch. But I’m thinking the upkeep of the car is going to make it long term unpopular. But I hope not. F1’s are a fair example.

    Keith StewartKeith Stewart2 månader sedan
  • Where do you find thats kind of many!Can you teach me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Silence GamerSilence Gamer2 månader sedan
  • Strad mate dont punch it kick the wheel off it will not damage your car

    miroslaw Sawczakmiroslaw Sawczak2 månader sedan
  • bugatti is ruined with that ugly wrap

    Irfan KIrfan K2 månader sedan
  • should've hit the wheel with your purse

    Solaire_GGSolaire_GG2 månader sedan
  • Also, Please don’t put those godforsaken white wheels back on that Orange Lambo ever again!?! 🤣🤦🏽

    Zil CoZil Co2 månader sedan
  • This reminds me of that movie Boiler Room, where they all made tons of cash and drove around in Ferraris, but their houses were completely empty🤣😂 $2 rip!! Go youtube!!

    Zil CoZil Co2 månader sedan
  • absolutely no hate but 45 minutes to take off and put on 4 wheels? i'd be yelled at by my manager for taking 10

    drilladrilla2 månader sedan
  • Bruh wtf does SEworld pay...3 years ago this guy lives in a shit car now he owns 4 crazy vehicles outright and put down 600k on a veyron?...

    Spencer PorterSpencer Porter2 månader sedan